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Sep 2, 2015

What if the grains we eat could be grown in a biodiverse ecosystem - like a prairie - instead of fossil fuel and chemical-intensive row-cropping? The Land Institute, a research non-profit in Salina, Kansas, has been working wth plants to achive this goal for nearly 40 years.

As TLI's founder and president Wes Jackson explains, humankind's decision (10,000 years ago!) to eat annual, instead of perennial, plants has spawned an agriculture that rips up the Earth and overwhelms natural communities. But his team's work is showing the way to reverse  these consequences, by crossing our grain mainstays with their wild perennial relatives.

It's a ground-restoring body of work! 


Wes and Joan Jackson welcome Jean Ponzi for a tour and interview.

This conversation, recorded on Earthworms' Summer Vacation, is a very special one-on-one with one of the environmental greats of our time, biologist Wes Jackson.

Learn more - and contribute your perspective at The Land Institute's annual Prairie Festival in Salina, KS  - September 25-17, 2015